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An award-winning illustrator, Hunter has exhibited work in a multitude of juried international shows. He has done work for film, television, comics, magazines, children's books, apps, music videos, businesses, institutions, and science journals.


Born in China, raised in Southern California, and currently living in Florida, Hunter is proud of his cultural diversity. He likes mythology, games, and animals. He hopes to travel the world more with his lovely wife.

Hunter currently serves as a full-time faculty in the Ringling College of Art + Design Illustration and First-Year departments. He is also available for freelance work.

For any inquiries and more information, please don't hesitate to contact Hunter at

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Hunter X Huang

Firebrand Media

Jihua Park Chongqing

Laguna Beach Magazine

Chongqing Medical University

Newport Beach Magazine

Sea Island Life Magazine

Hunan Blue Cat Online Education Co., Ltd

Beijing Wanda Media Co., Ltd

BOOM! Studios

Beijing Zijincheng Film Production Co., Ltd

Critical Entertainment LA

Lianwu (Beijing) Film Culture Development Co., Ltd


Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Co., Ltd

Fluff Ice

Fullerton Arboretum

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